ASSEMBLE features the work of 26 artists from around the country who are taking a stand on social, political, environmental or economic issues that are meaningful to them. 

Each night features the work of different artists who responded to a prompt issued by Kristi Faulkner Dance asking "What do you think is worth fighting for?" Witness their passion and vision for a future worth fighting for during these 2 evenings of fearlessness and fury.




(Amy Cova Dance)

Dance Nonce

E Dogg

Heather Trommer-Beardslee, Jay Batzner, & Ann Dasen

Kristi Faulkner Dance

Lexi Hills

Mark Schmidt

Red Stowall

Rose Pasquarello Beauchamp


Sarah Wildman

(Zoetic Dance)

Sarah Zehnder

(Zehnder Dance)

Sylvia Suttle

(Suttle Dance)

Teresa Pachniak

(Four People Dancing)

Thank You So Much For Coming

(Maddy Rager & Scott Crandall)


Abigayle Cryderman

Amy Guilmette

Cathy Taister

(Cathy and Company)

Christina Chammas & Kara Brody

Clara Martinez

(Daringly Real Crunchy Moves)

Kristi Faulkner Dance

Mallory Baxley

(Zoetic Dance)

Miryam Johnson

Patricia Lorena Solórzano

Roberta A. Lucas

(A Body of Women)

Sean Hoskins


Thank You So Much For Coming

(Maddy Rager & Scott Crandall)

Tyler Bradley


Wendy Kwiatkowski

(CAPA Dance Churchill High School)

William Charboneau

(Collect, Connect)