ASSEMBLE features the work of 26 artists from around the country who are taking a stand on social, political, environmental or economic issues that are meaningful to them. 

Each night features the work of 13 different artists who responded to a prompt issued by Kristi Faulkner Dance asking "What do you think is worth fighting for?" Witness their passion and vision for a future worth fighting for during these 2 evenings of fearlessness and fury.


Abigayle Cryderman
Amy Guilmette
AmyCova//Amy Cova Dance
Cathy Taister//Cathy and Company
Christina Chammas and Kara Brody
Clara Martinez//Daringly Real Crunchy Moves
Dance Nonce
E Dogg
Heather Trommer-Beardslee, Jay Batzner, & Ann Dasen
Kristi Faulkner Dance
Lexi Hills
Mallory Baxley//Zoetic Dance
Mark Schmidt
Miryam Johnson
Patricia Lorena Solórzano
Red Stowall 
Roberta A. Lucas//Body of Woman
Rose Pasquarello Beauchamp//inFluxdance
Sarah Wildman//Zoetic Dance Ensemble
Sarah Zehnder//Zehnder Dance
Sean Hoskins//MoveMI
Sylvia Suttle//Suttle Dance
Teresa Pachniak//6 People Moving
Tyler Bradley//HUMANITY 
Wendy Kwiatkowski//CAPA Dance Churchill High School
William Charboneau//Collect, Connect.