Be A Catalyst for Change

Help us empower LGBTQ youth by providing authentic representation of their voices.

Help us encourage dialogue about identity, acceptance, and inequality issues relating to LGBTQ youth in Detroit.

Join us and many others in supporting and sharing this project and standing by the LGBTQ youth who need you.

We need you now more than ever. 

What We Need/How You Can Help

This project was recently awarded a $30,000 matching grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, as part of its Knight Arts Challenge. The Knight Arts Challenge funds the best ideas for engaging and enriching Detroit through the arts. In order to get the $30,000…we need to raise $30,000. 

Not Just Another Dance Performance

“Not in My House” is a collaboration between Kristi Faulkner Dance and the Ruth Ellis Center to engage and inspire LGBTQ youth and the Detroit community through workshops and a performance celebrating LGBTQ youth and their individual identities through the intersection of storytelling, voguing and contemporary dance.

This project will represent the authentic voices and coming out stories of Ruth Ellis Center youth and Detroit-based professional dancers who identify as LGBTQ. The performance is slated for October 11-13, 2018, with opening night coinciding with National Coming Out Day.

This year-long collaboration will involve:

  1. Free movement workshops open to all REC youth

  1. Creation of a narrative performance blending the

   aesthetics of vogue and contemporary dance with

   REC youth and Detroit-based professional dancers

  1. Open rehearsals and feedback showings that

  engage the community in dialogue about the

  choreographic process and issues affecting

   the LGBTQ community

  1. Creation of a documentary video about the project

   using footage from workshops; interviews with the

   project manager, REC youth, performers; and

   rehearsal/performance footage

What’s the Big Deal?                                         

Homophobia and transphobia are still a huge problem, particularly in metro-Detroit where discrimination and crimes against the LGBTQ community are on the rise. In many states, Michigan included, legislation still exists that allows for discrimination against the LGBTQ community. Further legislation is being pushed across the US to threaten the rights of LGBTQ people. This is not ok. This is not the message to send to our youth, especially to LGBTQ youth who are vulnerable and disproportionately affected by homelessness.


*All donors will be listed on our website and in the performance program as a huge thank you for supporting this project!

Where will your dollars go?

Paying artists for their work!

This project is a minimum 24 week employment opportunity for REC youth and professional artists. Making art is a job – the choreographer, performers,sound designer and production staff all will be paid for their efforts.

Hiring a videographer and sound engineer to professionally document the project

Interviews will preserve the participants stories and the final video will help us share these stories with a wider audience.

Transportation costs for REC youth

Reliable transportation is a barrier to the youth participation. Providing bus cards and Uber rides will give them access to more opportunities to participate.

  1. Lots of other things like space rental for rehearsals and the performance, security at the performance, costumes, props and set elements, marketing for the event

        Inspiring and Engaging LGBTQ Youth Through Performance and Storytelling #KFDNotInMyHouse

The Ruth Ellis Center is a youth social services agency with a mission to provide short-term and long-term residential safe space and support services for runaway, homeless, and at-risk LGBTQ youth. By collaborating with REC on this project, we empower disenfranchised LGBTQ youth to speak their truth. Perhaps with more love, empathy, and acceptance,we can make the world a better place.

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