The philosophy of Kristi Faulkner Dance is to give an authentic voice to performing artists who dare to be different. The KFD Summer Intensive experience provides participants with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to train with professional artists and learn KFD repertoire while developing their own unique, artistic voice. This intensive is designed for intermediate/advanced movers ages 13+.

*Registration ends June 6th

*2017 Intensive Faculty Bios*


Saturday June 10, 2017												   

9:00am – 10:00am – Yoga for Dancers (Sara)
Dancers will move through poses while focusing on alignment and linking breath to movement. This class will address muscles that are often neglected by dancers creating balance within the body. Class will begin with standing postures and end with seated postures that are held for a longer period of time. Be prepared to move and sweat! 

10:15am – 11:45pm – Awareness Through Movement (Mark)
Through guided movement explorations, we will discover the anatomical structure (skeleton) that supports the content (muscles/organs) of our bodies moving through space.  The explorations combine visualization meditations with partner work to increase awareness of the body’s architecture, affirming the notion that an aware body is a more articulate body.

12:00pm – 1:00pm – Partnering (Mark)
This is a skill-building class that explores the fundamental concepts of weight sharing, shifting, lifting and tossing between two bodies to facilitate awareness of the physical landscape, understanding how each surface offers unique and different opportunities for contact.   We will explore concepts of tone, pelvic tracking, pelvic stacking, deceleration, propulsion, and other dynamic movement possibilities found in partnering. This class is about the complex relationship between physical sensing, risk taking, choice making and play.

2:00pm – 3:30pm – Contemporary Floor Work (Kristi)
In this class, we will connect with our sense of weight through earthbound phrases and guided improvisation. Participants will develop an intimate connection to the floor and investigate multiple points of contact for achieving efficiency moving in and out of the floor.

3:45pm – 4:45pm – House Dance (Mark)
House dance is an improvisational social dance form with roots in African American vernacular jazz tap.  This dance style combines short footwork phrases (often resembling swing dance or the hustle) with large, athletically challenging movements emphasizing grace and control.  We will break down standard movements found in house and explore their multiple variations. Class covers footwork, floor work, turning, floor sweeps and lofting.

5:00pm – 6:00pm – Body Work (Kristi)
This workshop will allow participants to forge connections between the mind and body to achieve restoration, improve alignment issues, and relieve unnecessary tension. Participants will engage in hands-on partner work, allowing the transfer of positive energy from one partner to another.

Sunday June 11, 2017												
9:00am – 10:00am – Yoga for Dancers (Sara)

10:15am-11:45am – Ballet for the Modern Dancer (Sara)
Ballet is a building block for all dancers and is available for every body to utilize. Dancers will learn how ballet relates to their body individually, informing the dancer on how their body works from the inside out. This class aims to abolish the idea that ballet is boring or not for everyone. 

12:00pm – 1:00pm – Contemporary Technique (Kristi)
High-energy phrasework juxtaposing explosive movement with subtle gesture will challenge the participants' athleticism and artistic expression.  Movers will be required to access their individual performance skills to bring a unique expression and rhythmic sensibility to the movement.

2:00pm – 3:00pm – House Dance (Mark)

3:15pm – 4:15pm – Improvisation (Mark)
Structured improvisational exercises will allow participants to unearth new movement possibilities hidden in the body’s kinetic system. We will acknowledge our movement affinities and challenge ourselves to resist them with the intent to surprise our selves. As a creative and performance practice we will look at clarity, texture, spontaneity, and choice. Building on our improvisation technique we will compose the space with various movement-based scores.

4:30pm – 6:00pm – Choreography Workshop (Kristi)
Participants will explore some of Kristi’s favorite techniques for investigating movement ideas.  This workshop is designed to initiate the development of choreographic material while broadening the participant’s artist toolbox.